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Find Your Edge...

Mark your calendar for our upcoming
Season Auditions!  

Team Auditions

June 17th, 2023

Petite Audition 9:00-10:00

Junior Audition 10:00-11:00

Teen/Sr Audition 11:00-12:00

2022-06-15 15.11.31.jpg

Our competitive team will give your dancer the opportunity to perform and compete alongside other talented dancers in a safe, yet challenging environment. We compete regionally and nationally each season.

"Why should my dancer join the Competitive Team?"

At the heart of Studio L lies a burning passion to ignite and improve the lives of our dancers and the community by showcasing excellence and artistry through the power of dance.


Our mantra, "Dance Because You Love It," serves as the lifeblood, fueling everything we do, as we treasure the artistic expression dance grants us.

Imagine a dazzling dance performance where the synergy between the performer and the audience sparks an electrifying experience, leaving everyone feeling empowered and joyful—that's what competitive dance can achieve.


Some members of our competitive team are on the path towards becoming professionals, learning first hand the true meaning of true dedication and hard work.


Each year, we are filled with pride as we witness our team's amazing accomplishments, their success memorialized in the banners, signs, and trophies that cover our Studio's walls.


But there is so much more at stake...


To our Dancers,


Dance is a canvas that paints your spirit with the colors of strength and grace.


More than just pirouettes, more than shimmering costumes, it's an extraordinary experience.

A place where your inner self can conquer life's storms, one empowering step at a time.


The road to success can be filled with obstacles, but you'll find strength within yourself. With every challenge conquered and obstacle overcome, your strength will grow - making future triumphs that much easier.


Hard work and dedication are the tools of champions. Working together and supporting each other like family, you and your team become an unstoppable force.


As you step into a new realm of independence, we aim to arm each and every one of our future young adults with confidence, mental toughness, and inner strength. We trust that these valuable tools will help lead them down the path towards resilience, hard work and self-respect - all essential building blocks for success in life!


And as the future chapters of our dancers unfold, we pray that the wisdom we passed, memories we embraced, and love we offered, etch upon their hearts - creating a melody they dance to, forevermore.



Miss Keli & Staff

Summer Workshops

Super Mini Workshop

June 12-14 / 2:30-4:00

Ages 2.5-3

Mini Dance Workshop

June 12-14 / 4:00-6:00

Ages 4-5

Petite Dance Workshop

June 12-14 / 4:00-6:00

Ages 6-8

Junior Dance Workshop

June 12-14 / 4:00-6:00

Ages 9-11

Young Dance Students
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