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with a multi-award winning dance studio,

located in Fairview Heights, Illinois




At the heart of Studio L lies a burning passion to ignite and improve the lives of our dancers and our community by showcasing excellence and artistry through the power of dance.
Our mantra, "Dance Because You Love It," serves as the lifeblood, fueling everything we do, as we treasure the artistic expression dance grants us.

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For over 10 years, SLDC has provided world-class dance instruction and has been a trailblazer in award-winning choreography. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves through movement! 

Serving Metro East Illinois and the greater St Louis areas, we are the premier destination for dancers who want to take their skills to the next level.

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I'm Keli Lesker, Owner & Artistic Director of Studio L Dance Center. My sisters and I grew up in our parent's dance studio in California. The three of us trained vigorously and competed throughout the competitive dance circuit around the Los Angeles area.

In high school, I began choreographing with my sisters within our studio - and I started winning choreography awards. I knew I had found my niche. Our grandfather was always supportive of my love of dance and helped convince me that one day, I'd be able to open a studio of my own.  In 1996, after graduating high school and with the support of my family, I took a leap of faith and spent the summer opening "Dance House" in LA County, CA. We flourished and were blessed to train so many talented dancers, many of which went on to have professional careers within the industry. Dance House remained opened until I married in 2006.

After I moved to Illinois in 2009, I happily embraced my new chapter of life as a wife and mother. However, I knew something was missing. My passion for dance had not faded; I missed the creative outlet that choreographing provided and my passion for making a positive impact on children's lives would forever be who I am. So in 2012, with the support of my husband, I launched Studio L Dance Center. 

I'm honored to carry on my family's tradition with my sisters by my side, as they both, along with my mom, moved to Illinois. In memory of my father, I incorporated one of his favorite sayings into the culture of Studio L Dance and it encompasses who we are at the core: "Dance Because You Love it!"



Keli L

Each and every one of us has a natural rhythm living within,
and it’s time to let it shine.
Studio L Dance Center offers fun, challenging and
most of all rewarding classes to suit every skill level.
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Age 2 & 3: Pre-Dance

Ages 4 - 5: Twinkle Tots



What Do Our Studio L Parents Say?

LOVE Studio L!  I've been very impressed with the classes and instructors.  They offer it all - ballet, jazz, tap, acro, musical theatre, a competition team (and more), with the focus on technique!  My daughter is only 5, but in watching the older girls, I'm just in awe of their skill level and what they can do!  I'm excited to watch my daughter's dance journey with Studio L!

B. Long

We absolutely LOVE Studio L!  My oldest daughter has been dancing here for the past 3 years, competing for 2. She has transformed tremendously under the direction and guidance of her dance instructors. My youngest who is only 4 started competing this year and has already grown so much & I've been really impressed how well she is progressing at so young.  If you're looking for a studio, THIS is the one to be at!

M. Sanders

My daughter and I LOVE this studio!  I'm amazed at how far she's come in the short time she's danced here!  I'm looking forward to seeing how far she'll come the next season!  Very organized and the instructors are phenomenal!  The kids that come here are awesome too!

P. Sabensgy

Studio L has been a great place for my daughter to develop in various genres of dance.  I love that the teachers encourage her to be her very best!

N. Brownridge

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